Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello Critter Friends!

Since spring is a new beginning and as this is a new beginning, I’m starting a little blog here to tell folks about what sorts of activities and events are going on in the world of the VLM critters and their keepers. My name is Grant Gregory and I’m the senior animal keeper here at the VLM. I'm hopefully going to be writing stories, telling tales, and giving little tidbits of information about the wild furry and feathery neighbors who live in our neighborhoods or who live here at the VLM. Many of our critters have come to us from local wildlife rehabilitators who have raised orphans and have determined that they are non-releasable for one reason or another. Sometimes our residents come from other facilities, or have been born or hatched in captivity. For each critter that comes to the VLM in one way or another, we try our best to give them a home when they cannot be in the wild for various reasons. We appreciate all the support we have from the community, our volunteers, our members and their families, our friends, and other concerned citizens who support the VLM in many ways. I hope that my little corner of information will be informative and entertaining to anyone who takes a moment to check it out.